When you visit our dental practice, it’s vitally important to us that we keep you safe and free from infection. This is why we adhere to extremely strict infection control protocols, especially as we routinely carry out implant surgery. Our staff are all properly trained to ensure your possible risk of infection is mitigated.

How Is the Risk of Infection Minimised?

After seeing each patient, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate all hard surfaces in the surgery. Any protective covers over equipment are replaced after each patient. Non-disposable hand tools are cleaned and sterilised but wherever possible we use disposable tools to minimise the risk of infection even further. All our staff who are involved in patient care use the appropriate protective clothing and disposables such as gloves are thrown away after seeing each patient. We regularly clean and maintain equipment such as water lines and filtration systems.
FamilyONE Dental continually reviews and updates our infection control standards according to the Australian Dental Association's recommendations to protect you and our staff. If you do have any questions about our infection control protocols then please do ask us.