It is important to us that you benefit from the most advanced technologies and this is why we have invested extensively in the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment. This technology allows us to quickly and comfortably diagnose any problems so we can provide the very best and most appropriate treatment that much sooner. Our treatment technology includes CEREC same-day dentistry.

How Will These Advanced Technologies Help You?

Digital Dental X-Rays

We carefully monitor your dental health by taking x-rays at regular intervals, usually every two years for adults with reasonable dental health. If we discover any areas of concern during a check-up or if you develop a problem requiring further investigation, a digital x-ray will allow us to closely examine the area in question, providing you with a quick, comfortable and accurate diagnosis. Our digital x-ray equipment is extremely modern and well-maintained, only emitting very low levels of radiation.

Orthopantomogram X-Rays

Orthopantomogram x-rays provide a wide-angle or panoramic view of the lower face and are a more specialised type of digital dental x-ray. With this image, we can see all the teeth in your upper and lower jaw allowing our dentist to identify problems with your jawbone or temporomandibular joints and revealing the position of teeth yet to erupt.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small hand-held device almost like a pencil and which allows us to take highly detailed images inside your mouth. These images are instantly displayed on the screen in our surgery so our dentist can show you any areas of concern before discussing possible treatments, clearly explaining how each could help you. We firmly believe in patient education and want you to understand both the problem and the solution.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Conventionally made crowns and porcelain fillings take two or more weeks to complete as they must be sent to a dental laboratory, requiring at least two visits. With FamilyONE Dental’s CEREC technology we can make custom-designed and precision-fitted restorations while you wait in just a single visit. Your tooth will be prepared as normal before it is scanned with a tiny camera which will create 3-D images of your tooth, allowing our dentist to carefully design your new restoration. Once completed, this design is used by our on-site milling machine where your restoration will be made from a solid block of porcelain in the same shade as your teeth. When milling is complete, the restoration is hand-finished and polished and is ready to be fitted. CEREC restorations are hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing.

In-Chair/In-Practice Entertainment

While state-of-the-art dental technology is extremely important to us, so is your comfort, which is why we have invested in in-chair/in-practice entertainment. We’d like to invite you to sit back and relax and watch a little TV so hopefully your visit with us will be even more pleasant.