We know dental emergencies can and do happen even if you take excellent care of your dental health. If you or a family member has a dental emergency then FamilyONE Dental will make every effort to assist you as soon as possible. Our dental practice does offer extended opening hours including weekends and late nights, ensuring you get the prompt treatment you need to relieve discomfort or pain.

What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency?

It is extremely important to seek immediate dental care if you have a bad toothache accompanied by other symptoms such as a high fever, facial swelling or a general feeling of being unwell. We also need to see you immediately if you knock out a tooth as there is a chance we can re-implant the tooth if you can get to our practice within the first half an hour to an hour after the accident.
When you have an emergency, please contact us as quickly as possible so we can schedule an appointment. Our caring dental team can offer immediate advice over the phone and we will look after you, restoring your dental health as soon as we can.