Ideally, your gums should nicely frame your teeth, showing just the right amount of each tooth. However, some people have what’s called a ‘gummy’ smile, where they will show too much gum tissue whenever they smile or talk. Often the tooth underneath the gums is exactly the right shape but is simply covered up with an excess of gum tissue. This can detract from an otherwise attractive smile and is often easily corrected with a crown lengthening treatment.

What Is the Procedure for Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue so the correct amount of tooth is shown whenever you smile or talk. It can be carried out on just one front tooth or may be used to correct the appearance of multiple teeth. During this procedure, our dentist will carefully remove any excess gum, reshaping them and exposing the correct length of tooth underneath. We may also suggest this treatment in preparation for crowns and veneers to help create a more cosmetically pleasing appearance.