A beautifully white smile is always attractive but teeth can discolour due to lifestyle choices and simply as a natural part of ageing. A professional teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective way to restore the colour of your teeth, lifting deep-seated stains so your smile looks brighter and whiter. Here at FamilyONE Dental, we can offer you a choice of whitening treatments.

Choose from In-Chair Whitening or Our Custom-Made Kits

Our in-chair whitening treatment is perfect for faster results, perhaps if you have a special event to attend or are about to go on holiday. With our custom-made whitening kits, you can whiten more slowly in the privacy of your own home. This treatment generally takes two weeks to complete but you will begin to see the difference within just a few days.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

A professional teeth whitening treatment is extremely safe because we take every precaution to ensure this procedure is appropriate for you. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to ensure you do not have any dental problems and they will talk to you about the results you can realistically achieve. A teeth whitening treatment will not change the colour of any existing dental restorations and everybody’s teeth whiten slightly differently. Our aim is to help you have an attractive and naturally brighter smile. Every whitening treatment is customised to comfortably achieve effective results.