All-on-Four is a cost-effective procedure that will securely replace a complete arch of teeth using just four dental implants. With conventional implant techniques, a greater number of implants is required and often bone grafting is needed to restore bone in areas where it is deficient. This generally isn’t necessary with All-on-Four because the implants are located to maximise the use of available bone.

Who Should Consider All-on-Four?

This treatment is particularly good for people who wear full dentures or who are facing complete tooth loss. It is most commonly used to restore lower arches of teeth because lower dentures are often more problematic to wear. However, this procedure can also be used to replace upper arches of teeth and can often provide patients with a far more comfortable solution because their new implant-supported teeth will be less bulky and will uncover the upper palate.

What Is the Procedure for All-on-Four?

With this technique, two dental implants will be vertically located right at the front of your jawbone while another two implants will be located either side but these are angled backwards. Angling the implants maximises the use of available bone, providing greater support for the implant posts. Once the implants have been inserted we can provide a temporary arch of teeth for use during healing. After healing is completed, these will be replaced with your permanent arch of teeth, ensuring you are never left without a smile.