Orthodontics is the use of fixed and removable appliances to carefully and precisely reposition teeth. Some orthodontic treatments that are used for our younger patients can also help to guide the growth of their jaws as they develop.

Why Have Orthodontics?

Most people request treatment to improve the appearance of their smile but there may be other reasons for investigating orthodontics. There is no denying that straighter teeth can look more attractive but often there may be health benefits in correcting the position of teeth that are out of alignment or where a person has a poor bite so their teeth do not occlude or bite together properly. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean with regular brushing and flossing, potentially reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When teeth are correctly aligned, it reduces excessive wear and tear on teeth. This protects these teeth against fractures and it can protect your jaw joints.

Who Can Have Orthodontics?

Here at FamilyONE Dental, we have a range of orthodontic treatments for all ages. We offer early orthodontic treatment including Myobraces for our younger patients, as well as Invisalign virtually invisible removable braces which are suitable for adults and older teens.