MyoBrace is most widely used for children aged between five and ten and are a no-braces approach to straightening teeth. Instead of braces, this treatment uses myofunctional orthodontic appliances and techniques to help address problems created by oral habits.

Could Treatment Help My Child?

This treatment could be helpful if our dentist has identified dental problems that include thumb or finger sucking, mouth breathing or tongue thrusting. These habits are called myofunctional habits and can result in crowded teeth and incorrect jaw development. MyoBrace will help ensure your child’s lips and tongue are properly positioned so their jaws and teeth can develop correctly.

How Does Treatment Work?

Instead of wearing conventional braces, your child will be provided with a series of removable dental appliances. These will be worn while they sleep and for just 1 to 2 hours each day so treatment is easy to tolerate. By using the MyoBrace each day and by following the simple exercises, your child can help improve their breathing and muscle function and the position of their tongue. Treatment helps to create an optimal facial profile, a healthier smile and straighter and fully functional teeth.

Although most widely used for young children, MyoBrace also produce functional appliances that can be helpful for some teens and adults.